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Начало От региона The oldest school in the municipality of Simitli celebrates centenary

The oldest school in the municipality of Simitli celebrates centenary

photo_big_850964100 years school work in Dolno Osenovo. Started in the autumn of 1912, a few days after the resounding freedom and Simitliiska land. School in Lower Osenovo is the oldest in the region. In autumn 1912 local educators collect children from the village to teach them to read and write. Children begin to write a, b, c and reads haltingly in the hall at the mosque in Lower Osenovo ... so until 1927 when the children moved into a new building constructed entirely of local voluntary work. The building in which children learn and Lower Osenovo today opened in 1965. Today the school is insulated with new windows and cozy classrooms. This study 124 children with them dedicatedly work 17 teachers and five support personal.Ot this year in the Lower School Osenovo is protected status.

With 100 years of history, the primary school in Lower Osenovo dream of ... complete penetration of information technology in education and more children recognized director Lyudmila Tsiklovska. "15 years ago, the 85-year anniversary of the children were twice. And there would be more students. Next fall will welcome two first grade classes. Lower Osenovo is a young village children are more and more every year, "said Tsiklovska.Vekovniyat Jubilee School" St. Of Plovdiv "said a rich entertainment program the same day, which began 100 years ago the school work in Lower Osenovo. Team Apostol Apostolov mayor, councilors, heads of regional education inspectorate, friends of the school in Lower Osenovo shared celebration of children, their parents and teachers im.Mestnata power in Simitli surprised with a gift for the school centenary - interactive board. Mayor Apostol Apostolov school received a plaque in appreciation for the care of children and the school in Lower Osenovo.Na celebration in school "St. Of Plovdiv "honorary sign of charter schools and grateful for the contributions received educational training process all former principals and teachers. Mayor Apostol Apostolov them apart and commemorative certificate for the 100 anniversary of the liberation of Simitli and Pirin Macedonia. The surprise for the 100-year anniversary was a historic theater performance "Bulgaria - history and grandeur." Young talents from the big school in Lower Osenovo made historical overview of the reign of Khan Kubrat, in the Golden Age of Simeon, dark past of slavery revival process and the work of Paisius and Ange ... Theatricalization of Bulgarian history kids realized under the leadership of Mrs. history Yordanka Nikolova.Na festive scene is expressed talented children from the school with musical dance performance "The sedianka invite" to "Happy Holidays" sang and danced majorettes at school and at younger rappers, second-graders of "St. Of Plovdiv ". In the school yard is long and curved in the final round, the dance students, teachers, moms and dads, guest praznika.Praznikat in the school yard complete with a giant cake covered with icing color of the school in. .. 100 candles. Light wind and rain drops at the finally helped students to extinguish the candles on the birthday torta.Gostite, shared centenary of the school in Lower Osenovo received expensive gifts from local - Osensky traditional striped socks. In memory and warm zima.Nagradeni current and former teachers at school "St. Of Plovdiv "- Dolno Osenovo 1. Yordan Kostov - drektor2. Alexander Nikolov - direktor3. Ivan Karadzhov - direktor4. Katya Toromanova - direktor5. Vasco Pavlov6. Zhelyazka Milkova7. Bojko Davchev8. Christina Davcheva9. Violeta Zlatarska10. Hrisula Kondeva11. Cyril Iliev12. George Tsrakvarski13. Emil Yankov14. Snezhana Manoleva15. Borislav Gaberov16. Magda Domozetska17. Yordanka Nikolova18. Blagoyka Samardzhieva19. Veselin Tanchev